“New World Supply 34.43% Ownership”

Increasing fleet through bond investment

“The acquisition of 34.43% in New World Supply Ltd. resulted in a part ownership in six (6) medium sized sister PSV's from Damen shipyard in Holland.

In October 2018 two of the vessels were sold and in April 2019 the remaining four. All the vessel were sold at signifigant higher vessel value compared to acquisition price of the shares in NWS.

The Fleet

Holland-built sister vessel specs

Build:Damen, Holland (Jul 2013- Dec 2013)
Ship Type/IMO:3000 CD
Class (Identical):Lloyd's Register 100A1 Offshore Supply Ship, SG 2.8 (MUD tanks) * IWS. EP (I. 0, P) • WDL (5 Um2 Aft to fr 75) olj LMC, UMS, DP (AA), NAV1, IBS, CAC 3. The vessel is designed in compliance with DNV Clean Design.
Deck Area & Dim.:730 m2
Deck Gargo Max:1,520t
Dwt/GT/NT:3,500mt/3,832 GT/1516 NT
Drill /Ballast Water:1460m3
Anti-Roll Tank (SS):219m3
Liquid mud:869m3
Dry Bulk:259m3
Potable Water:817m3
Dynamic positioning:DP2
Dimensions:80.03m x 16.20m x 7.5m
Main Engine:2x Diesel Electric, 690 V, 1500 ekW

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